Business Buying

What Type Of Business Would You Want To Buy?

We recommend that you look through the Yellow Pages and write down at least 10 different types of businesses that you could see yourself owning. Think about your business experience and what you enjoy doing the most.    

Consider The Income Potential That A Particular Business Can Provide To The Owner.

Try to learn as much as possible about the industry segment and the local market share a particular business can address.  

What Can Be Done To Grow The Business Over The Next Five Years?

Create new marketing strategies, or add new products and services. Can you hire new employees with the skills needed to expand the business?

How Would You Finanace The Purchase Of The Business?

Having an established relationship with a lender or an investor is a good strategy. What assets can you bring to the negotiating table?  

What Is The Best Location For The Business Under Consideration?

Can you and your family move to a new location? What amenities do your require? 

Who Would Buy Your Business If It Were To Come Up For Sale?

It is very important to plan ahead as to who and why someone, or other company, would want to buy your business in the future. 

Business Brokerage Services

Business Valuations


We offer business valuation estimates or work through certified business valuation specialists.  

Acquition Financing Strategies


Let us assist you with writing business plans and/or introduce you to lenders and investors that we have work with in the past.   

Buyer / Seller Negotiations


Your confidential purchasing strategy and the overall flow of the deal is vital to negotiating the best price, terms, and conditions.    

Legal / Accounting Streamlining


We provide you with proforma income and expense documents. Help you draft and deliver offer / counter offer documents. Saving you extra legal and accounting fees. 

Business Consulting Services


We offer post business sale marketing and growth strategies to help you build profits and better manage your new business. 

Closing Procedures


We guide you through the paper work and closing procedures to ensure a smooth sale and transition period.