Business Selling Information

Ten Tips For Selling Your Business

   1. Prepare Mentally & Physically  

   2. Gather Documentation 

   3. Seek Out Expert Advise

   4. Price It Right 

   5. Time It Right 

   6. Target Prospects

   7. Keep It Quiet 

   8. Be Flexible 

   9. Assume Nothing

 10. Relax And Enjoy   

Prepare Your Business For Sale

Define your priorities and determine what it is you hope to get out of the sale.  Spruce up the place physically – paint offices, clear out storage areas, work on the exterior.  You also want to be sure to address any outstanding issues that could scare off an interested buyer.  Your goal is to present the business in the most attractive, realistic light to qualified prospective buyers. 

Tax Returns & Income Statements

Professionally audited financial statements assume great importance in establishing your business’s credentials.  Work with your Business Broker and  CPA to prepare a package that includes income statements, balance sheets, tax returns, accounts payable and receivable reports, copies of mortgages and notes, and existing contracts and leases, along with a detailed analysis of the business and the market it serves.